Our mission is to empower the entrepreneur in every beauty expert and streamline the way beauty experts and clients
connect with one another.

Newly formed, Foxi LLC is comprised of two members:


With over ten years of industry experience as a makeup artist and an esthetician, she plans to change the beauty sector with the hope to give beauty experts their independence within this marketplace. “I started as a beauty consultant working in Nordstrom Cosmetics. I did weddings and events on the side but with only word of mouth as a way to get my name out there, business was limited. I eventually rented a space in a salon called Aqua Beauty Lounge and had to work at promoting myself and my business. Thankfully I was able to utilize the clientele of the salon to bolster my business but not everyone has the same opportunity. I came up with the idea for this app with my fellow beauty experts in mind. I wanted a platform to exist where we could directly connect with our clientele without the middleman. After years of contemplation and not much progression, I met James Cartwright who pushed me- and pushed us- to make this a reality. I am so excited to bring this app to the industry and help us all be our own bosses!”


James has the excitement and ambition of someone new to the industry. Wanting to produce change within the industry, he provides strategic and thoughtful input to the ambitious and innovative market changer known as Foxi. Upon learning about the idea from Alyssa Ortiz, he immediately saw its potential and has since been committed to and an integral part of bringing this app to life.

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